Buffalo Wild Wings is the ideal place to head to catch the game and wolf down some chicken wings. Wings and sports seem to be a match made in heaven, and Buffalo Wild Wings certainly knows this, which is why they have become one of the go-to locations for catching your favorite sports team do their thing – and for some nice food too of course! Here you will learn Buffalo Wild Wings Hours, as to when does Buffalo Wild Wings Close and when it opens for business.

Very much a sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings is the place to be for fans of sports, wings, or both! There is a vibrant and sometimes rowdy atmosphere at Buffalo Wild Wings, especially when there is a big game or sporting event on!

Like minded sports fans gather together to talk their favorite teams and players, while also getting to taste some rather superb food into the bargain! There is plenty of beer on offer too, which is option to wash down the wings!

That’s not to say there aren’t times where you can enjoy a quiet bite to eat with friends or family however. Buffalo Wild Wings has long hours of operations, meaning you can easily head there prior to any games taking place to make the most of the fantastic menu available.

Beyond their incredible selection of chicken wings and sauces, there are delicious burgers, sandwiches and other entrees that are well worth visiting for on their own!


What Time Does Buffalo Wild Wings Open ?

What Time Does Buffalo Wild Wings Close ?

What Time does Buffalo Wild Wings Open?

Buffalo Wild Wings opening hours are nice and early, following pretty typical times for restaurants that start with lunch services.

Beginning at 11am throughout the entire week, Buffalo Wild Wings opening times mean customers can enjoy lunches from quite an early time. This is particularly useful during the weekends, where you can make the most of all the earlier starting sports games!

What Time does Buffalo Wild Wings Close?

Perhaps on their most notable attributes, Buffalo Wild Wings hours for closing are impressively late. Of course, there are many sporting events that are on later in the evening (such as boxing, UFC, Monday Night Football etc.) so being able to catch these regardless of when they might finish is always great.

Closing hours for Buffalo Wild Wings are 2 am Mondays to Saturdays, with Sundays closing earlier at 12 pm. This provides ample time to catch whatever is on and then talk about it (or argue depending on who you support!) afterwards.

Food is also served to late hours a Buffalo Wild Wings, meaning you can enjoy those delectable wings till the early hours!

Bear in mind that all Buffalo Wild Wings hours of operations are subject to change, and can vary from location to location. For the most part, all restaurant times are the same, but you will find some that differ depending on the location.

These differences are usually minimal however, being by an hour or so at the most.

Buffalo Wild Wings Near Me

Buffalo Wild Wings offers the perfect location for catching your favorite team or sport while enjoy some awesome food. Wings are the obvious allure here, but the entire food and drink menu at B-Dubs is well worth checking out!  Also make sure to learn all the tools to find the Nearest Buffalo Wild Wings locations near you.

It’s also a great place to head to when out with friends. Whether you are out of town visiting an old buddy or you and your mates are looking for a spot to cheer on your football team, Buffalo Wild Wings is certainly a place to visit.

Finding Buffalo Wild Wings Near Me

With more than 1,000 locations nationwide, it shouldn’t prove too difficult to find your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. For example, those in the downtown area of their city will have plenty of options to choose from, while others may just be wondering if there is even a B-Dubs nearby!

Regardless of why you need to find the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings, there is a simple way to find out this info.

All you have to do is to visit the Buffalo Wild Wings website and click the ‘Find a B-Dubs’ tab. Then it’s just a case of entering your zip, city or state and the distance you are willing to travel!

Alternatively, you can just use your current location by allowing the website to track it on your phone or computer.

Doing either of these will present you with the relative information about your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings location. Directions can be provided, although there is also a standard address you can use, and there is also a contact number which is handy for any other inquires.

This will also give you info on your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings opening and closing times, which is certainly useful to know!

As anyone that has used Google Maps can say, it’s a great tool for finding restaurants, shops and other nearby services.
You literally just need to type ‘Buffalo Wild Wings near me’ into Google and you will be presented with results via Google Maps (Just Click here). Using the restaurant locator from the Buffalo Wild Wings website will likely yield more accurate results, but this is a fine alternative none the less.

The results on Google Maps easily connect to the website for Buffalo Wild Wings so you can find precise information regarding that particular restaurant, including opening/closing times, directions etc.

Last updated: March 13th, 2019
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu

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