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The Cheesecake Factory is a chain of popular restaurants that have become famous for their incredible range of cheesecake desserts. They have become a massively popular destination for families eating out, thanks to their friendly atmosphere, affordable rates, and delicious foods – their cheesecakes are utterly delicious!

Learn about The Cheesecake Factory hours including what time does cheesecake factory close and what time it opens for service.

Service is always provided with a smile, and the warm and inviting décor really makes it the perfect location to enjoy a family meal.The food menu is certainly varied enough to suit most tastes, with popular cuisine such as pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, and seafood readily available.

FRIDAY11 AM - 12:30 AM
SATURDAY11 AM - 12:30 AM
There is also a fine choice of deals and specials to really give you more bang for your buck – a likely reason for their continued popularity!

Of course, the main attraction here is without a doubt the cheesecake. Baked to perfection using quality ingredients, The Cheesecake Factory knows how to produce a truly mouth-watering dessert that won’t disappoint, be it their classic line cheesecakes or other specialty treats.


What Time Does Cheesecake Factory Open ?

What Time Does Cheesecake Factory Close ?

What Time Does Cheesecake Factory Open?

The Cheesecake Factory’s opening hours are rather standard. They follow most other eateries that begin with a lunch service by opening in the early afternoon at 11am. This is for the most of the week, with Sunday opening a bit earlier at 10am.

These times are idea for catching a bite of lunch or brunch, or for just picking up a cheesecake that you might want. The earlier opening time for Sundays are great for taking out the kids during a non-school day!

What Time Does Cheesecake Factory Close?

While the Cheesecake Factory’s hours are very appealing to families, they open much later than most would think. For example, Sundays to Thursdays at the Cheesecake Factory have closing hours of 11pm in most locations!

This is great for diners that want to avoid the busier ‘dinner’ times that tend to attract families with younger kids. You can easily head to your local Cheesecake Factory later in the evening for a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere that adults will really appreciate.

Better still, the hours for Cheesecake Factory closing are extended throughout the weekend! Friday and Saturday have the slightly later closing time of 12.30am – that’s correct, you can easily pick up some of your favourite Cheesecake up to midnight!

As you would expect, some Cheesecake Factory hours differ from location to location. This isn’t usually by much however and is rather rare as most restaurants follow the same hours of operations.
The Cheesecake Factory Hours
The Cheesecake Factory is a fine place to head to for almost any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a loved one’s birthday with a meal or are simply grabbing some comfort food after work, the Cheesecake Factory is guaranteed to the hit the spot. Learn to quickly find the Nearest Cheesecake Factory Locations near you !

They offer a wide range of tasty foods and desserts, with ample choice on the menu to suit all tastes and preferences. The food is freshly made each and every day, giving it that amazing home cooked taste that brings a big smile

The cheesecake here is simply phenomenal as well, giving all the more reason to visit – many do just for that epic cheesecake!

Cheesecake Factory Near Me Locations

There are over 150 Cheesecake Factory locations up and down the country, so there is every chance there will be one nearby to you. Finding the nearest Cheesecake Factory couldn’t be easier too as there are various ways to find one.

The most straight-forward way of finding your nearest Cheesecake Factory is to simply visit the Cheesecake Factory website. Here you will find their very useful restaurant locator tool that can point you in the right direction.

By clicking on the ‘locations’ tab, you will be taken to a page with a blank map. After entering all of your relative information, including city, state, or zip code you will find the nearest Cheesecake Factory’s in relation to your location.

Various filters can be applied when trying to find your nearest Cheesecake Factory, such as the particular services that are offered. For example, you can have your search only show results of Cheesecake Factory locations that offer catering or a patio area (or both!).

So, should you be planning a particular event where you need such a service, you can search for it with ease!

Once you get the results, you can get further information from each of them. For example, you can find information on the hours of operation for the closest Cheesecake Factory, as well as getting directions, what services they offer, and all contact information.

The Cheesecake Factory Locations Near Me Using Google Maps

Another simple way to find your nearest Cheesecake Factory is by using Google Maps. Its arguably easier than using the Cheesecake Factory locator tool on their website, albeit the results may not be as accurate.

Simply click here or type ‘Cheesecake Factory near me’ into Google and you will immediately be taken to the Google Maps homepage with any relative results. They could be quite far away depending your location however, but you can easily find out how far by just clicking on the link provided – it should take you directly to their website!

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