Chilis Bar and Grill need little introduction. Most remember their iconic jingle for their famed baby back ribs, and more so the fact that Chilis has been one of the go-to eateries for Americans for over 40 years. If you wanted to know Chilis hours as to what time does chilis close and what time does chilis restaurant open, you are in the right place !

When it comes to classic Tex-Mex fare, you can be sure of finding something tasty at Chilis. Be it burgers, fajitas, or ribs, Chili’s has lots of great food to keep patrons satisfied – which they have been doing for four decades now! Beyond their great food, Chilis also has a very welcoming atmosphere.

MONDAY11:30 AM - 11 PM
TUESDAY11:30 AM - 11 PM
THURSDAY11:30 AM - 11 PM
FRIDAY10:30 AM - 12 AM
SATURDAY10:30 AM - 12 AM
SUNDAY10:30 AM - 11 PM

Whether you are taking the family out for a nice meal or just hanging out with some friends enjoying a snack and drink, Chili’s is fine location to do so thanks to their good vibes and all-round friendly ambience.

Chilis Hours

As if they know that customers would want more opportunity to eat there, Chilis hours of operations are long enough to suit most. They offer both early openings and late closing times, meaning you can head there for a bite to eat whenever you feel the urge for tasty tacos or a brilliant burrito!

Like many restaurants, Chilis hours of operations may differ from location to location, although they should remain mostly the same.

What Time Does Chilis Open?

Chili’s opening hours are pretty standard for most eateries. Opening at 10.30am Mondays to Thursdays, customers will have ample time to get in there for lunchtime to take advantage of the awesome specials and deals found at this time of the day!

As there is no breakfast menu available, Chilis opening hours are nice and early when it comes to grabbing an early lunch! Better still, Chilis hours for opening are even earlier on weekends, starting at 10.30am from Fridays to Sundays!

What Time does Chilis Close?

Chili’s closing hours are pretty great for anyone that loves a bite to eat later in the evening. For example, you can visit any Chili’s up until 11pm in most locations! These closing hours for Chili’s even get extended at the weekends!

On Fridays and Saturdays, Chilis closing hours aren’t until midnight, meaning late night snacks from Chili’s are certainly a possibility for any night owls out there! What better way is there to cap off a fun night out than heading over to your local Chili’s for some epic food? Not many!

Be sure to make the most of these hours of operations that Chili’s operate with, as there can be nothing better than eating your favorite food at the time that best suits you!

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