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What Time Does Macys Open

Macy’s which is the largest American department store in regards to its  retail sales is also the 15th largest retailer in the United States. Macy’s was founded by Rowland Macy and the first Macy’s store opened in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1851.

Temporary Changes to Macy’s Hours due to Corona

Macy’s said it planned on opening 68 of its department stores on Monday, May 4. By mid-June, the company expects that all of its roughly 750 stores in the U.S. will be back open.

Stay up to date as Macy’s stores gradually reopen their doors across the country. Visit interactive guide to the return of Macy’s.


Macy’s Store hours are typical of most retail establishments, featuring extended hours throughout most of the week, with Sundays usually being the shortest day for business.

They also are subject to change at each Macy’s locations, as stores can often open or close at different times depending on where they are situated. Browse and read all about Macys hours for opening and closing, and how to find your nearby location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time does Macys Open ?

What time does Macys Close ?

What Time Does Macy’s Open?

Opening times for Macy’s store hours tends to be at 10am on most days. In fact Sundays are often the only day that doesn’t open as early as this, with most stores opening at 12pm instead – some open an hour earlier at 11am mind you!

What Time Does Macys Close?

As with the opening times, closing times for Macy’s store hours remain similar for most of the week, with slightly different times set for the weekend.

Mondays to Fridays will see most stores close at 9pm, with Fridays and Saturdays often extended to 9.30pm or 10pm.

Sunday’s closing times are reduced much like when they open, with closing times being 7pm.

Macys Locations

There many Macy’s locations throughout the country, so there is a high chance of finding a store nearby. To find any store in particular, you can use the comprehensive Macy’s Store locator. Searches can be done to find Macy’s hours as well as features of a particular store, along with any Macy’s phone number, in case you need to call a store to make an inquiry.
Macys Store Locator.

Last updated: May 22nd, 2020
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